Maharaja Hari Sing

Hari Singh, Great grandson of Maharajah Gulab Singh, was an educated person. He was very keen to give a special status to people of J&K and he was the first ruler in the history of J&K who introduced democratic system in J&K.

Maharajah Hari Singh was impressed and influenced by the British political system and showed a great desire to establish the similar pol


itical system in J&K. He had a great vision for his homeland and worked tirelessly to strengthen the State institutions and fought an important battle to stop foreign influx of migrants and foreign interference into internal affairs of J&K.

This is a great misconception or an intentional manipulation of history to claim that he couldn’t defend his Homeland against a few Tribals from Pakistan in 1947 and acceded to India to save himself.

Maharajah Hari Singh only acceded to India to stop further slaughtering of innocent civilians at the hands iof Pakistani armed forces and invading Tribals. Had he not taken the timely step to accede to India (conditionally though), not a single non Muslim would have been alive in J&K.

Maharajah Hari Singh was a man of principles and democratic norms. He immediately resigned from his office in 1947 as his staunch political and ethnic rival Sheikh Abdullah was made Prime Minister of J&K under the deal of accession.

Maharajah Hari Singh wished to establish constitutional monarchy in J&K on the lines of UK, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium and many other great democracies of the world.

Had he been given more time to implement his political and administrative plans in J&K,  we would have been one of the greatest democracy and a very rich country on the globe.
(Sameena Raja J&K)

Author: Naseer Chohan

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