Sameena Raja J&K

Many intellectuals these days suggest that the people of J&K should:
1. Forget the PAST &
2. Think about FUTURE


But they forget that future is always planned on the basis of past, if we forget our past how can we plan or architecture our future?

Our past tells us:
That there was a State called J&K
That it’s area was 84471 Sq miles
That all citizens of this State were the State Subjects &
That this State is disputed between Pakistan and India
etc etc etc

If we forget all these facts how can we plan our future? And on what grounds? Which State are we claiming? What’s it’s area?

All these questions trace their answers from our past, so giving up our past means giving up all the hope and certainty.

Please bear in mind that if we forget the past then we loose our future claim.

Most of these suggestions originated from people who just wish to liberate the Valley and never talk about Jammu and Ladakh; but if we portray such an Islamic Nationalism we shall cut off Jammu and Ladakh from ourselves. And that’s the reason we give equal value to the culture, history and heroes of Jammu. This is a delicate point and needs very careful consideration.

There are various UN resolutions on J&K and the only one acceptable to us is of 13th August 1948, as that resolution require Pakistan to pull out all it’s troops from the territories under it’s control and both India and Pakistan are asked to let people of J&K decide about their future.

Now this UN Resolution is also part of our past and if we forget our past how can we make the world realise that such a suggestion had been proposed by them in the past. Thus forgetting past means we loose all hopes for our future.

Hence we must stick to our past because that’s the only basis of our brighter future. If past is ignored then we will have to accept our present rulers and their decisions.
….. Sameena Raja – J&K….

Author: Naseer Chohan

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