About Bagh Azad Kashmir

Bagh Azad Kashmir
District headquarters of district Bagh is 100 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad via Kohallah & 80 Kilometers via Suddhen Gali, 205 Kilometers from Islamabad and 48 kilometers from Rawalakot. The Area of district Bagh is 1368 sq km having population estimated in 1994 about 0.443 million. Topographically this district falls into mountainous zone. Administratively, district Bagh has two sub-divisions namely Bagh and Dhirkot. Previously District Haveli was the part of Bagh as a tehsil. Now Haveli is known as District Haveli AJK. District Bagh resembles to district Poonch in all means due to its history, culture, customs and traditions. District Bagh, as a whole is rich in natural beauty. Bagh, Dhirkot and Sudhan Gali, Ganga Choti, Hans Chowki, Neela Butt, Las Danna, Sharu Dhara, Hillan, Chiri Kot, Naga Nari, Plangi, Dara Haji Pir, Mehmood Gali, Chand Takeri, Neza Pir, Sankh, Bedori, Mainsar, Mahmood Gali, Haveli and Ganga Choti are the main scenic spots in this district.